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Creating an account on social media is not enough. Analyzing the content, auditing the account, and setting a target audience is social media management. We have a collaborative team of data analysts, content developers, and pattern designers that manage the content in a way that is easy to follow, get an impressionable reach, lowers the cost of ads, and improves account performance.


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The best way to showcase your portfolio is to portray your achievements. Social media is the new window into business representation. It’s difficult to go wrong with social media marketing unless it’s in the wrong hands because it’s supported by such fantastic in-depth data & research on consumer trends and preferences. In response, we are here.


We are the social media collaborators your company needs to succeed. Combined, we can

Create a distinctive brand identity,

seo tips

Develop a strong brand personality,


Content Mapping


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You should change with the times. It's time for you to advance and take advantage of social media marketing's enormous potential.

Our Social Media Process

We manage the business in a way that gets to converting audience, penetrates the market, creates engagement, develops brand recognition, and builds customer relationships. All this is done within budget.

We are Grateful to Work

AppleShapple recreated my site making it more stable and professionally structured. I look forward to continuing my collaboration with This Company on the maintenance and content creation of my sites. AppleShapple team has also managed to solve an urgent problem in no time.

Vav Morgan
Julio Cesar Vieira dos Santos Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

Great to work with AppleShapple. Understood the requirement clearly and produced the outcome exactly like how we envisioned. I would highly recommend AppleShapple to use for any video editing service that you may need doing.

Dr. Selina McGee COO of xpeed

Very good job as always, have achieved excellent results from the work they are doing. Our customers are also very satisfied, not to mention the increase in new customers that has been proven to have been achieved through the new content. Absolute recommendation, I'm looking forward to the next project

Carmen Wong Marketing Executive

AppleShapple went above and beyond optimizing my websites and pushing them up in the results for multiple search engines (WordPress and social media). Their team helped set me up for success ahead of starting the job. they also provided tips on how to maintain my pages up over time, and to improve the search algorithm further. I saw instant results and expect them to improve even more using those tips.

Shams W.Pawel Bob Barbarick

I loved working with this company. This was my first package design gig and I had only a vague sense of what I wanted. The team was fantastic, explained things carefully. I sent them my artwork, they asked careful questions and told me what they could so, and then delivered PERFECTLY and EARLY! Will definitely do business with them again! Thanks guys!

Michal Jhon Executive Graphic Designer

Amazing work! Excellent Logo Animation! I am very happy with your work. Very professional provider. very happy with the end result. They keep us regularly informed of the progress of the work. Also friendly and professional to work with the team. I would not hesitate in recommending AppleShapple team for Graphic.

viv shamson 3D Animator

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